Planning Drawings and Planning Permission Packages

Following the successful completion of a sketch scheme or feasibility study, the next stage of any project is to develop the design into a more formalised proposal for submission to the local authority with the help of an experienced planning permission architect.

Your local council utilises a system of submission, review, consultation and determining through a planning consultation period to evaluate any planning application. Whether it is an extension to your home or place of business or a proposal for a new housing development, retail park, hospital or skyscraper almost all proposals will require planning permission. With the exception of a certain amount of permitted development projects. 

What can you expect from us during the planning permission and planning drawings stage?

  • As part of the Planning Permission Package we will produce developed planning drawings (from sketch scheme), additional drawings, existing building and site drawings of the property from surveys, proposed external layout drawings as well as others where necessary.
  • We will produce an ‘Architects Report’, sometimes termed a ‘Design and Access Statement’, where necessary. This will help summarise the proposal from concept to developed design, taking into account: site analysis, example design analysis, location analysis, design development path, analysis of national, regional and local policy, final proposal descriptions and rationalisation, summaries and conclusions.
  • We will organise, consult and work with any other necessary professionals to make sure the correct information has been produced to give your submission the best chance of success. Such other information types can be; ecology surveys, tree surveys, existing building surveys, planning statements, retail impact assessments, highways reports, community involvement statements and heritage statements. Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it is very common for various combinations if not all of the above as well as other information to be put together and submitted as a planning application for the council to make a decision on a proposal.

What happens next?

  • Once a set of information has been produced we will work to organise the submission of this to the Local Authority as a planning submission.
  • We will complete all planning forms and documentation.
  • We will attend where necessary any further meetings required with the Local Authority prior to the submission.
  • We will handle disbursements & planning fees to the authority so that the project can run as efficiently as possible.
  • Once submitted we will aim to keep in regular contact with the Local Authority via, meetings, phone calls, emails and keep record and pass forward information to provide you feedback on the application as it progresses through the determination period.
  • Once your submission is determined we will provide you with a pack of the approved information for your records. This contains all relevant information about the application from start to finish, such as: approved drawings and revisions, documents, visuals, forms, relevant email correspondents and any other information deemed relevant.

After that?

  • Once planning has been approved we would look to move forward with a building regulations submission so we can develop your approved design into a detailed proposal.

Here at Acres Architecture, we are committed to providing exceptional designs for our clients – we can assist you with a one-off Planning Permission Package, including planning drawings, but can also manage projects from start to finish. If you need any more information on our services or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by filling out our contact form or calling us on 0115 8592784.

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