Land Promotion

Buy or own land? Want to get planning permission to sell or develop it yourself....? 

Are you a land owner and considering selling your land? Acres Architecture offer land promotion services, meaning we work with land owners to maximise the true value of land and with our network of contacts aim to negotiate a sale on your behalf.

We are happy to assess land of any type and evaluate the potential for you with no obligation before you consider moving forward.

Our aim is to work with you to maximise the potential value of the land through the planning process. Once planning permission has been granted, on a proposed scheme that maximise the lands value, we can offer the site to our list of industry buyers from some of the country’s largest developers, including housing developers, commercial developments, housing association schemes and private investors.

Call us today on 0115 859 2784 for a no obligation consultation to find out how much the land you own could be worth. Alternatively get in touch via our contact form.