CDM Coordinator Service - Lead Designer

The regulations have changed, see how we can help.........

Throughout any construction project the client or developer has an abundance of responsibilities. One  of these Construction Design Management or ‘CDM’ which was introduced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 2007. Until recently many projects have required a CDM Coordinator to oversee the issues required by the CDM regulations. As Chartered Architects, Acres Architecture are here to guide you through the project and ensure safety is considered from the outset as per the CDM regulations.

‘Saftey’ must be considered from many perspectives on construction projects. Including designing with safe use of space in mind, designing with construction safety and implementation in mind, designing with safety for future maintenance in mind as well as many other issues that will add to the completion of a project and the production of the health and safety file.

In early 2015 there was a change to the regulations that have been in force since 2007. The main focus of which has been the inclusion of domestic projects as ‘notifiable’ projects when previously they were not required to comply with the CDM regulations in the same manner as a commercial project. Many terminologies have also changed, the main focus of which has been the role of CDM-C or CDM Coordinator being changed to a ‘Lead Designer’ role.

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