Architectural Visualisation and 3D Rendering Services

At the heart of any project is a basic need to explain an idea. One of the most commonly utilised and successful methods to explain your ideas is through 3D CGI imagery. Whether you are a client who needs to explain their ideas to the planners or a developer needing to present their proposal to investors or lenders, a series of 3D CGI images can bring an idea to life.

Here at Acres Architecture, we utilise the latest 3D CAD modelling software to produce an architectural visualisation of your proposal. This can be interior, exterior and also high level site visuals. Once modelled, a series of images can be exported from pre-agreed camera angles that can be set and produced in the model.  Many techniques can then be applied to make the visual appear in the style you wish to see.

Once produced these 3D images can be given a layer of added depth through graphical enhancement using the world’s leading photo and image editing software. Once the digital 3D model has been utilised to produce images to help visualise the project it can also be displayed on an iPad at clients meetings to spin round, pan and zoom in on a proposal in front of your very eyes, see 3D Model iPad Access link.

Generally almost all projects will require a 3D visual element to help explain the design prior to planning. Not only is this a good way to present to others, but it helps eradicate future potential issues such as design clash detection and elements of design that can be difficult to judge through 2D drawings alone. We will almost always included 3D design development within our Sketch Scheme, Planning Permission and Permitted Development packages. However, the later stage of a project may require a higher quality of finish. We are happy to look at providing quotations for 3D rendering services to provide this premium finish, so please do call to find out our prices.

Acres Architecture are committed to providing exceptional designs for our clients – we can assist you with a 3D CGI Package but we can also provide you with a full range of services to complete your project start to finish. If you need any more information on this stage of the process or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by filling out our contact form or calling us on 0115 8592784.

Follow the link to find out about turning your 3D CGI Package into – our Architectural Animation Packages.