3D Model iPad Access

Want to see a live digital model of your project spin round in front of your very eyes?

We utilise the latest hardware and software to its fullest potential to aid the understanding and realisation of our ideas.

One such method is the use of live 3D digital model interaction during client meetings with the use of the latest Apple iPad and 3D modelling software.  The superior operating performance of the latest iPad tablets allow for real time interaction with your 3D digital model in front of your very eyes, which would normally only be seen in a 2D form, as static image exports or visual renders. This real time interaction allows you to see your ideas come to life, before a single brick has been laid, by being able to pan, zoom and inspect intricate details all at the convenience of your fingertips in this interactive and stunning viewer. Another great feature is the shadow study, a location awareness tool which allows the effects of the sun on your building to be explored.  

We offer this unique service to make your dream design come to life, and to make viewing your building model more realistic.

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